want a balloon?

Pennywise Lives is your chance to be a kid again. Journey into the Barrens of Derry where you’ll play with your best friends, stay up late into the night, protect each other monsters, uncover the town’s dark secrets, maybe get eaten, and float. Oh, yes, youll float. We all float down here. And when youre down here, youll float too!

Your package covers lodging, a delicious dinner and breakfast, and an immersive horror experience!

Pennywise Lives.jpg

Derry isn’t like other towns.

People die or disappear. And that's just grown ups. Kids are worse. Way, way worse.

Something haunts Derry. It knows what scares you, your every fear brought to life. It looks like a clown and it feeds on children.

Will you join the Losers Club and face down your childhood fears? Or will you become lost forever in the deadlights?