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How do I sign up?

Simply buy a ticket.

Are there group rates?


Is there an age limit?

Yes. You must be 18 or older to participate as the event does require a waiver be signed.

Can I sign a permission slip for my underage child?

Camp Blood is an R rated event with intense themes of violence and death. The event is built solely to terrify and frighten with simulated combat involving foam weaponry. Children under the age of 18 are allowed if accompanied by an adult with the understanding that said adult is completely responsible for the accompanying children. All campers, no matter their age, must sign a waiver before they can participate in Camp Blood.

Can I hire you for private experiences?

Yes. Dark Hills Gaming provides unique and custom immersive experiences for any event.

survive the night questions

Am I in danger?

No. Camp Blood is a simulated horror experience. All weapons are soft foam and all participants are either actors or players like yourself. However, you will be engaged in fake combat.

Is this a team game or is it everyone for themselves?

How you play the game is up to you though we've found that people last longer when they work together.

How does combat work?

There is no real combat. All weapons are made of soft foam and Camp Blood Counselors will actually lead all Campers in a "self defense" class which goes over the basics of "combat" in the game. Everything at Camp Blood is designed to simulate a horror film experience without any real danger.

Is hand to hand combat allowed?

Yes. Camp Counselors will go over the rules of hand to hand combat in Self Defense classes. It's all just pretend. You should never actually hit someone and all fake hits should be telegraphed. Hand to hand combat is only recommended as a last ditch effort because the killer does have super strength.

What if someone gets hurt?

The Camp Blood safe word is "HOLD". If anyone is hurt or in danger of being hurt, they simply yell "HOLD" and everyone freezes and repeats. Anyone caught abusing this will be asked to leave without refund. Safety is paramount at Camp Blood.

Can you kill other Campers or set them up to be killed?

Yes, but that is an easy way to make enemies and become a target. Don't be that person.

What happens if you die in the game?

You become a "ghost". You are still able to help solve clues and warn people of danger but you are no longer able to physically affect anything.

How do we know if we're dead?

You'll know. The killer will also know who has been killed so please don't try and cheat.

What happens if you're just wounded in the game?

If you're actually wounded, call "HOLD" and seek first aid immediately.

What happens if you're just "wounded" in the game?

Weapons in the game are all soft foam but you'll have more fun acting like damage is real.

If you're stabbed or slashed, you have an open wound that you must wrap with gauze before you lose too much blood. You can be stabbed or slashed in a lot of places and still survive, albeit you'll be in some pain and should act accordingly. But if you are stabbed in the heart or some other vital area, you are dead.

You can also lose limbs. You can survive an amputated limb as long as it is treated accordingly within 15 minutes. Otherwise you bleed out. Either way, you've lost that limb and shouldn't use it for game remainder.

You may become bashed in the leg or arm with, say, something like a sledgehammer. That limb is effectively hobbled and you should act as if it is in great pain.

If you get "bashed" in the head, you've been knocked out and should feign unconsciousness. Unconsciousness does not mean death.

Is it possible to defeat the killer?

Yes, but it won't be easy and it's different every game.

Are there safe zones?

No. Once the killing starts, nowhere is safe. However, it is just a game and no one will be breaking down doors or ripping people out of the bathrooms. If a door is closed, privacy will be awarded. However, please keep bedroom doors open unless doing something that would be considered Rated R. Please do not lock or barricade doors. This is effectively a game cheat that will bring everything to a halt. You'll have much more fun with the fear of a killer walking in at any moment then you will effectively hiding inside a room all night.

What if I don't like being scared?

This isn't the game for you. Camp Blood simulates a horror film experience. You will be chased.

Can I leave if I get too scared?

Yes. If at any point you wish to leave just let one of our Counselors or Killers know and they will safely escort you off the premises. Please be advised, however, that there are no refunds.

camp questions

Is swimming allowed at the camp?

Yes, but only during the summer months, if a lifeguard is on duty, and at an additional cost.

What should we bring to the camp?

You'll find a list of recommended supplies here.

How will we know our way around the camp?

You can download a map here. Counselors also provide a guided tour of the camp.

Does the camp have electricity?

Yes, feel free to bring any electronics you wish though it is your own responsibility to look after them. Camp Blood is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen property.

Is there parking?


Are there set arrival times?

Camp Blood is a 24 hour event but people may arrive whenever they wish.

Do I have to spend the night?

No, you can simply come for the activities and leave whenever you wish?

What are sleeping arrangements?

Camp Blood provides communal bunks which are first come first serve. Everyone who buys a ticket will have a place to sleep for the night.

Are there showers?

Yes. There are communal showers. Campers are required to bring their own soaps and towels though.


Is there a vegetarian option?


Is there a vegan option?


What if I have allergies?

Notify Camp Blood staff when purchasing your ticket so that a safe option can be provided for you.