If Jason still haunts you, you’re not alone!

Thats why we created Bloodhurst, where terror is reborn. Built on the grounds of the old Camp Blood, Bloodhurst is a place where survivors can find a new beginning.  

Welcome To Bloodhurst is an immersive psychological horror experience designed to create an atmosphere of terror and excitement. A masked madman is loose, killing everyone. You'll have to work together if you plan on making it out alive.

Except, this time, the killer is one of you. Arm yourself, delve into the dark pasts of your tragic companions, and figure out which of you can be trusted and who has become the murderer behind the mask.

Your package covers lodging, a delicious dinner and breakfast, and all your favorite camp activities! Welcome To Bloodhurst is a fully immersive slasher mystery experience that you won't find anywhere else.